Consensual Blackmail Contract with Lady Karma Keys

By filling out the attached form and submitting my fee of $100.00 understand that I’m consenting to a blackmail contract with Lady Karma Keys. I will be respectful at all times and I will do as I’m told. I will not question Lady Karma Key’s commands. Once this contract is sent to Lady Karma Keys I understand that it is up to her exclusively when this contract is terminated and I will follow her rules until a time that she chooses to end the contract. All contracts are binding and no legal action can be taken by me or any representative as a result of any blackmail actions that occur as a result of this contract. 

I agree to complete whatever payment schedule  Lady Karma Keys and I have agreed upon. A monthly service fee is required and I understand that other services such as skype and phone calls will be determined by  Lady Karma Key’s rate. 

I hereby agree and in fact wish to provide  Lady Karma Keys with my personal information for the purpose of being consensually blackmailed. By filling out this email form I agree that I do this of my own free will and that  Lady Karma Keys has the last say about the contracts changes or terms. I provide the following information freely and voluntarily. I have not been coerced or defrauded into providing such information and understand that release of this information by Lady Karma Keys will be of her own discretion. Once this document is filled out and signed, all information is sole property of  Lady Karma Keys and she can do with it as she wishes.

I further agree to follow explicitly and unquestioningly instructions, unless such instructions are illegal or physically harmful to myself or another. I understand that failure to explicitly and obediently follow such instruction will invoke the release of any or all of the information provided below to the designated parties or to any other party she deems fit. If I am unable to comply with instructions for any reason I will immediately communicate the reason to  Lady Karma Keys so she may assign me with alternative assignments or instructions.

I understand that this contract is for an undetermined time period. I understand that should  Lady Karma Keys decide to cut ties with me that she will safely dispose of all information that I have provided.


I understand that  Lady Karma Keys if she so chooses, has the right to change any terms at any time. If I do not wish to break ties with  Lady Karma Keys, she will have full control over when i am, or if I am ever released. If I wish to break this blackmail contract I must submit a written request to  Lady Karma Keys and if she chooses to release me she will provide a letter, signed by Lady Karma Keys in order for release to take effect.

Do you agree to the consensual blackmail terms?