$10.00 Per Month

Instant Keyholding

This is a special automated service. Instant Keyholding option is for just holding your key.  Nothing else.  There will be no interaction aside from setting up the arrangement and the mailing of the key.  This option is best for those who don’t need additional attention, but just need to keep that key out of reach.

$20.00 Per Month

Lifestyle Lock up

This option is more of a traditional arrangement with weekly verification, one weekly task and one webcam session for 15 min Best for those who need to know someone is pleased by their chastity struggles and accomplishments.  Love to hear “good boy”? Then this is the option for you!

$100+ Per Month

Complete Sissy Slave

This option is for those who enjoy being enslaved and humiliated. At Entry level will offer weekly verification, 2 task per week, and 2 15 min webcam sessions. You can add more to this package at more cost. If you require in person lock up add $50.00 and will be customized in your contract.

Rules for all chastity options:

  • Full payment is due at the commencement of the chastity period.  Payments are in monthly increments even if you choose to not use the entire month.

  • For serious situations the slave may terminate the agreement with written request and approval from Lady Karma. Key(s) will be returned promptly via regular mail. (If Express shipping is required, postage is the responsibility of the locked party.)

  • Must be 25 years of age or older and be educated on the health and safety risk that are involved with being locked away.

  • You must provide your own device and keys. After the contract and payment is submitted you have 24 hours to provide proof that you are locked in the way that I request and mail both keys.