KeyHolding Subscription

$100 per month

  • One webcam session per week for 30 min

  • Daily texting between 7pm til 9pm

  • Two weekly tasks

  • Device for safety key

Premium Sissy Kit

$300 per kit

I will send you your very own kit to turn you in to a sissy from head to toe. Makeup, clothes, wigs, shoes, panties. Do you want to crossdress, be a slut I can customize to your needs.

Karma Store

Access to all Clips from Lady Karma $100 per month

( any clips that I download to sell during the month you will be sent a link so that you can view them for the month)


See Below

$3.00 Per Text

$5.00 Phone per min

$8.00 Webcam per min

All services paid in advanced