The Wall Of Shame!

For the ones that failed to the terms of the contract or the world just needs to see how pathetic they are. I am sure more to come soon. Stay locked in chastity!

madam logo.png
madam logo.png

On August 1, 2019 reached out wanting to serve me from Germany I sent agreement and Sissy Olivia agreed and said would return them in 24 Hours it Has now been 2 days and no reply. Hour long conversation DO NOT WASTE MY TIME!!!!!

Somewhat_Deviant from Fetlife

Look at this sissy holding up what she wishes her little clit looked like bend over and take it in the ass.


Are you kidding me I have seen more meat in a vegan restaurant.

Unknown from fetlife

I’ve seen bigger clits to be honest.

sub2women from fetlife

After over a week of messaging and begging for me to be a key holder, has wasted my time in not returning agreement and has truly wasted my time beware!!!!

Unknown from fetlife

Did you have to suck it in to be able to take the picture. 

thathandsomedevl from fetlife

Wanted a video made, set up everything and even others to be in his creation and then no reply.


Look at you posing like you have something to share.

Sissy Amy still a virgin

I can see why stop playing with it and put miracle grow on it!!!


I have barbie clothes that could fit on your little clit and then your clit could be a sissy too!

inferno72 from fetlife

Not much to say, there isn’t much here to talk about.

Unknown from fetlife

Sad sad sad to know you can only be used as a bottom.

nsd88 from Fetlife

While you have the lighter next to it, you should light it on fire! Shame on you for the  pre cum while taking a picture. You must play with it to much, lock it in chastity.


Scott0293 from fetlife

I would not call that a pleasure machine. Unless you are referring to the laughter that follows its appearance.

socklint from Fetlife

wtf that bottle cap has more of a purpose that the cock. There is not even a bulge Bwahahaha do us a favor and lock it up!

CuckSlave92 from Fetlife

There is nothing worse than an uncircumcised clit that is not locked up; something that small has no use in this world what a great disappointment to mankind.

littlefag from fetlife

eww! what is it like to know that you can only use a strap on to please anyone, Lock that clit up!

JessicaCd97 from fetlife

With that clit its a good thing you are dressed like a sissy, because you don’t deserve to be called a man.

Roman39 from fetlife

I’d ask Mother Nature for your money back—she fucked up when she put that pathetic little clit on the body of a man!


Little dick locked away since 7-29-19


Last orgasm 7-26-19


Look at this worthless little clit. Good thing it's locked away in pink. It’s kinda like a penis, but only smaller! Photo submitted by the one and only Ana.  


Permanently locked and hosed since 2018


Last orgasm on 8-15-18 


UMMM HelloCuriouscd22 from fetlife first you need to shave that thing. Your hair is longer than your penis. No one wants a scavenger hunt to find a penis that can’t do the job!!!


Pussy Boy Carla from

Wants a key holder as well as you to put forth time in training and pleasing him, but feels that your time should be free just like a man. smh.